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Welcome to our website 

This site is still a work in progress and there are a number of improvements and additions

which we hope to undertake over the next few months.


Due to lockdowns both of our younger girls have had to wait an extra year to have their first litters and

we are now excited that they are now able to have their experience of motherhood.

Enya (Idlebeck Enya) is doing well with her first babies who are growing fast.


Florrie (Idlebeck Floral Dance) had her babies two weeks ago and proving to be a very mum to her first litter.


Grumble (Ch. Idlebeck Bossa Nova) has been to visit a handsome gentleman

and we are hoping to be able to confirm in the next couple of weeks that she has babies due in September

For further details visit our Nursery page.

Kittens at work!

Although the basic construction of our site is now complete,
regular maintenance and renovation work will be carried out,
helped of course by our apprentice construction workers:

Come on guys, lets help..

Come on guys, let's help . . . .

Does anyone knw how this thing works?

Does anyone know how this thing works?

Hold on a minute, I've forgotten my har hat!

Hold on a minute, I've forgotten
my hard hat!

After our little workers have finished their apprenticeship with us, we are very careful when they are embarking on careers with new employers. We want to be sure that they are being offered a life-time contract which includes a suitable pension scheme when they reach retirement age. We also try to ensure that there is no chance of any of our kittens ever being made 'redundant'. Before any workers leave here, we arrange for their full IHS ('Idlebeck Health Service') vaccinations and health checks to be carried out and recorded properly, with their identity papers and work permits all in order as required by the GCCF. We also provide each new employer with a 7 day a week 'technical support' service.

Potential 'employers' of construction workers (or demolition experts!) who would like to interview one of our kittens with a view to filling a vacancy should contact Idlebeck British Shorthairs using the details shown below.

We hope you enjoy exploring the rest of our site!