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Below you will find details of the kittens that we currently have in the nursery and dates of any expected litters.

Please note:

Kittens are available unless marked otherwise -

'provisionally booked' means that we have been asked to reserve a kitten either after or prior
to a visit from prospective owners

'booked' means that a kitten has been chosen and we have received a deposit

Zippy's girl at 3 weeks 2019.jpg

Idlebeck Enya (Enya)

Xhibit Chocolate

 Four kittens born 24th May 2021

1 Lilac  boy (sold), 1 Blue girl (sold, 1 Blue-cream girl (staying with us), 1 Lilac Tortie girl (sold)

Zippy's boy at 3 weeks 2019.jpg


Idlebeck Floral Dance (Florrie)


 Xhibit Chocolate


5 kittens born 26th of June 2021

1 Black girl (staying with us) 1 Blue Bicolour boy (sold), 1 Black Bicolour boy (sold) 1 Black Bicolour boy (available),

1 Red boy ( available)

Champion Idlebeck Bossa Nova (Grumble)


 Rozpaws Winter Solstice

Three kittens born 12th September 2021

1 Black boy (staying with us) 1 Lilac boy (booked), 1 Lilac girl (booked)

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