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This is our 'Rogues' Gallery of Idlebeck kittens - past and present. Some still let us share 'their' home and others are enjoying being in charge of their new homes.

Though some of them look like little 'angels' and others more like 'rogues', they all have their own delightful personalities.

We try to advise potential new owners regarding each individual kitten's character and to make sure that every kitten is well matched to the type of home environment in which it is going to live.

His favourite snoozing position - tanning his tummy in the sun!

In his new 'pad' after our move to Merry Hill Cottage, in July 1987

Looking 'rusty' in the autumn after a summer of sunbathing

Idlebeck Navaho

6 Merits

26/06/85 - 19/09/2000

Ch. Kavida Dark Secret x Idlebeck Lulubelle

This was the special boy who really intensified my love of the Chocolates and who features back in the pedigrees of so many of the present day Chocolate, Lilac and Colourpointed British, both in the UK and in other countries around the world.

He was a truly great character who gave us some really nice babies and also many years of his gentle and affectionate companionship.

He is still with us - under the old apple tree, which he loved to scamper up when he was young and then became one of his favourite sunny and comfy places for daydreaming as he grew older. Every spring the daffodils we planted on his grave remind us anew of our lovely boy, whose life we were privileged to share.

He quickly realised that from this vantage point he could keep an eye on all of his new domain

Alto & Rosie

Idlebeck Rialto & Idlebeck Rosie

Ch Kavida Dark Secret x Idlebeck Lulubelle - 1987


Idlebeck Uzziah

Idlebeck Navaho x Rushlight Imogen - 1988


Idlebeck Bolero

Cassiobury Sadlers Wells x Misskin Idlebecky - 2004

Now living in Hampshire with Maire & Brian


Idlebeck Cinderella

Cassiobury Sadlers Wells x Misskin Idlebecky - 2004

Living in Dorset (and being a very relaxed Mum!) with Emma


Idlebeck Swan Song

UK Gr. Ch. Positively Diarmuid Duibne x Misskin Idlebecky - 2005

Now living with Rex & Geraldine (and friend Maizie) in Hampshire


Idlebeck Diarmuid

Gr. Ch. Sheephouse Harrison x Idlebeck Dark Delusion - 2007




Idlebeck Calamity Jane

Gr. Ch. Loraston Bugsy Malone x Misskin Idlebecky - 2007

Now living happily together down in Bournemouth with David & Angela

 or they've been at something stronger!

It's either something in the local water

At 14 weeks . . . .


Idlebeck Bebopalula

Admirari Afrika x Ch. Idlebeck Limited Edition - 2007

Now living near Guildford with the next 2 generations of the Acton family and with


Idlebeck Coppelia

Cassiobury Sadlers Wells x Misskin Idlebecky - 2004

. . . . cuddling up with Aunty Mimi

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