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Annie (Idlebeck Anything Goes)

Annie had one litter of kittens in 2018 but, although she was a reasonably efficient ‘mum’, she lost all interest in her kittens before they were six weeks old which led to us having to wean them rather more rapidly than we usually do. So we made the decision to have her spayed and she has now retired to her new home, not far away, in Epsom.

Annie - aged 16 months.jpg

Annie at 16 months

Sofi (Champion Idlebeck So Far So Good)

After retiring from breeding & showing, Sofi stayed with us for a while to assist Tillie, the Queen Mother, in her educational duties with the Idlebeck youngsters. Sadly she took her responsibilities a bit too seriously and tried to steal all the new babies - much to the consternation of the proud mums. But she now has a happy life in a new home not far away with Giles and Amy, where she is adored and spoilt in equal measure.

Sofi at 19 months

Pasha (Idlebeck Zhivago)

Further details & picture coming soon

Levi (Grand Champion Evavale Levi Roots)

After serving as the King for several years, Levi decided it was time for him to abdicate in favour of a younger heir.

A bit about Levi's new home............

Levi at 2 years old

Yum-yum (Idlebeck Yum-yum)

Further details & picture coming soon

A picture of YumYum

Something about the picture

Tara (Champion Idlebeck Tarara Boom Deay)

Further details coming soon

Tara at 17 months

Daisy (Idlebeck Upsy Daisy)

Further details coming soon

Daisy at 15 Months

Lulu (Misskin Idlebecky)

After Lulu retired from breeding several years ago she became the much loved and spoiled pet of our friends, Gill and Stephen. Now 17 years old she is still enjoying her life of leisure down in Dorset.

At 14 years old taking her
retirement very seriously!

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