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Unfortunately when our cats retire from breeding and/or showing we are not able to keep them all, as much as we might want to! Sometimes this is because we need to make space for the new generations, but it is often because British Shorthairs are, by nature, very loving and affectionate cats who like a lot of attention so, once they are retired, would prefer to be in a household where they are a much loved only cat or only have to share their humans with one or two other pets.

However, we are very particular about where our Pensioners go and like to get to know prospective retirement homes and their carers to ensure that they are suitable for the cat in question. We also love to keep in touch once they have gone to their retirement home so we know how they are getting on and regularly get pictures and updates many years later - see our Pensioners page for more details of the new homes that some of our retirees have gone to live at.

We sometimes have cats to re-home so, if there are none shown below at the moment, please keep coming back to check or, alternatively email or phone us on one of the numbers shown below so we can keep a note of your interest and contact you when we have someone looking for a new retirement home. We may also be able to put you in touch with one of our friends who has a cat to re-home. 

September 2023:

Florrie - 4 year old Blue Tortie & White spayed ex breeding queen. Florrie needs to be the only cat in the home as she can get quite jealous of other cats.  She is not used to dogs but is used to visiting grandchildren.

Grumble - 6 year old Blue spayed ex breeding queen.  Grumble would prefer a quiet home with no other cats to boss her around. One essential is a lap (or two!) to sit on. She is very affectionate and loves being groomed and lots of attention. She is used to our grandchildren and quite happy with children who are considerate to her.

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